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Anyone Capable Of Making 32X Reproduction Carts?

Skippy B. Coyote

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Lately I've been pondering how neat it would be to take a copy of Doom for the 32X, pull the original PCB out of the cartridge, and put in a PCB programmed with the 24 Level Expansion Hack of Doom instead to have a full proper 32X version of Doom with all the levels that the Jaguar version had and the BFG 9000 to boot. It's a cool idea I think, especially since Doom for the 32X is an inexpensive enough game that I wouldn't mind using the shell and label from an original copy for it, I just need to find someone cabable of programming a blank 32X PCB with the modified Doom ROM.


Does anyone around here have the tools and skills for this task? Or might you know someone who does? Any leads would be much appreciated!

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