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atari2600land's Blog - My knee hurts.


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So about a week ago, I got this pain on the right side of my left knee whenever I tried to move my left leg. It went away once, but now it's come back in full force. When I was taking a shower, I couldn't raise my left leg to wash it. Well, without a huge shocking pain. So I tried to lift it a tiny bit and it began hurting, so I stopped. I can walk around but whenever I try to lift my leg more than a few inches off the ground, it hurts. It also hurts to move my leg back and forth. I like to sit crosslegged, but I can't now that my stupid knee started hurting. It's really painful and stupid. I didn't do anything to deserve it. I didn't bump it against the wall, I didn't twist it or anything. It hurts just to kneel down and turn on my Atari 2600 on the floor. I guess I could raise it up, but what I would really like is for a reason not to do so. Every time I try to walk, it begins hurting. This is one time I am actually looking forward to going to the doctor. A few months ago, I got an appointment for March 17 for a medicine check. Now I want to go and get this dumb knee pain gone. I don't know if he can do anything about it, but I've tried everything: Aspercreme, wraps, and nothing helps. Even with this, I did manage to solve a problem I was having in the 2600 game I was making. It apparently turned out that if I move some jsr's around, the scanline would be steady at 262 if the button was pressed. I doubt this has anything to do with the actual pressing of the button, since I removed the code for button detection and it still went up to 263 scanlines for a few frames when a missile was started to be fired. Pain sucks.

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