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indus Display issues


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Well people, I have been trying to fix up an old Indus GT I had .. that had a bad display.


I had thought it was the Seven seg. displays themselves. Now Im not so sure. I removed the old displayed.. replaced them with the same part # but was not able to get them to fit the same way the old ones did.. because the pins have been re-arranged.

But they are in.


Now I am still getting segments flaking out and disappearing.. and I think its the display board ribbon cable and its connection to the main board. See the attached pics.



If anyone knows what type of ribbon or connectors I should search for? or what I could replace it with. I would really like some help on this one.







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For people who design boards, and need headers etc.. how do you identify what type of header is what?


I need it flexible on the display board end.. or right angle.. if I use a 24pin header, am I amble to keep the pins 12 to top row and 12 to bottom row?


Hope someone can help.

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No real help from me, sorry about that.


It's a specialized system, so common word phrases are likely

to be wrong use in the first place. I can see that the

spacing is likely to be one tenth inch exactly but IDE floppy

cable isn't that either. And that type cable wired point to

point manually is all I can come up with. The rainbow type

pictured can help keep one sane somewhat?


IC sockets are also .100" pin spacing if that helps.

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Yes.. what I ended up doing.. was taking machine sockets.. cutting them up into SIP lines of 12.. soldering them into the display board and main board. Then using a ribbon cable from an old header card.. solding those to the pins on the display board and then to headers that plug into the main board.


Its not as pretty as I would like, but its worked.. everything is good now except I think in my soldering I have one trace now touching another causing the middle segment on one display to be on all the time. Otherwise its working fine.



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