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To gift or not?


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Hi all,


I think you've all seen my rants and random questions here on the forums. Today I have a different question: Should I gift a book to an old friend? We've known each other since our 20s; we are travel buddies and we exchange gifts during Christmas and our birthdays. He was also my best man- a job he takes seriously when he gifts me something to make myself look/appear better (I often have speaking or appearance jobs). During the economic collapse of 2008 I was able to invest my funds in order to make money- I know many people lost money and many members here on AA lost money, but I was able to pay for my wedding and save...


And I saved for many years. Recently I found boxes of books I had purchased and saved. I bought them because they were in my field of study, I liked them, and many of the book were 1st edition or 1st printing of the 2nd edition. I sold the books that left a bad taste in my mouth along with those that were unpleasant to look at. I did keep books that weren't worth much money if I liked them.


Recently I discovered a book that I purchased for ~$80 USD is now selling for over $2,000 USD (closer to $3,000). I purchased the book because I wanted an early printing from the author (Charles Darwin). It is his 1st printing of the revised edition. The Descent of Man, Revised edition. Printed prior to 1890 I believe, and it is a library edition with the first non-library owner signing the inside of the book. I signed it as well so the provenance can be maintained.


The reason I write this post is to get your feedback. I could sell the book and make a hefty profit while giving my buddy a new yet affordable book. Or I can sell the book, keep the profit, and gift my friend something else. He is not a member on these forums.


I have options from the highest to the lowest of human interactions. What are your thoughts and why?

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Is that book and subject something that is of interest to him or would it just be special because it came from you? If it's the latter then I would sell the item and get him something that truly hits home for him and comes from you. If the subject, or just old early edition books in general are his thing, then you can't beat that for a double-whammy gift.

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Sell the book for thousands and buy rare Intellivision games that you can play with your buddy; then you both win! :D


Seriously, though, I am confused as sounds like you sell the book and make a "hefty" profit in both scenarios so am not sure where the dilemma lies? I am assuming that in the first one you sell to your buddy for a much cheaper price? Well, I suppose that depends on how badly you need the money versus strengthening the friendship with further generosity towards him. Sounds like you have plenty of money saved up so perhaps money is less of a concern for you but I obviously don't know all of the details. If this friend has been a good and true friend; someone who has stuck by you through good or bad decisions for years and would drop everything to come help you out of a jam if you really needed him, then no amount of money can buy that and I would sell him (or just give him) the book immediately if he wanted it. If he is just kind of a little more than an "acquaintance friend" as you have known each other for so long then I suppose it depends on how generous you feel.


Either way, it sounds like you will make a profit in the end so why not sell to your buddy and take care of your friends because that's what life is all about! ;-)

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Thanks guys. If the scenario was reversed, hypothetically if my friend had gotten me a Spiker 20 years ago after a night of gaming but he forgot about it and left it in storage... then he were to tell me he had it, I think I would appreciate receiving Spiker even more especially since it had a good story to go along with it. Thanks guys, I have my answer.

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