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What was the last DS game ever released?

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Going by the release dates at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay was the last retail DS release in Europe (January 2015), but it came out a few months earlier in North America, where the last retail DS release appears to have been Winx Club: Saving Alfea (November 2014). The ESRB's last DS rating is for Disney Violetta: Rhythm & Music, but that either was canceled or only released in Latin America (the Violetta IP is Spanish). Its European date is September 2014, so you'd think it wouldn't be a contender, except for the fact that the 3DS version of the game released in the eShop in North America in December 2014; so if the DS edition did release outside Europe, who knows when it happened.


Japan left the DS behind much earlier, based on Amazon.co.jp release dates. 2014 only had budget-labeled reprints of previously released exam-preparation titles. The last release that wasn't like those was a 2013 bundle of the three DS Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side otome games--which, also, was a re-release of previously existing (2007-2010) material. It looks like you have to go back to September 2012 for a Japanese DS release that isn't a repackaging, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (based on the then-current sentai show).


As for DSiWare, the last release I'm aware of is Crazy Train in January 2016, North America. In Europe, PEGI's last rating for DSiWare is My Aquarium: Seven Oceans in December 2014 (so retail outlived DSiWare in Europe, barely). The last DSiWare releases in Japan, according to search sorted by date at nintendo.co.jp, seem to have been two batches of G.G Series games released in July 2015.


Incidentally, the PSP had physical releases in both Japan and North America (not the same game) in April 2016, and a download-only release in both Europe and North America in July 2016.



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If you're ever curious, a link like this probably could be pretty useful as it covers so much handhelds and consoles.


I feel I should note that of the entries whose last-game dates on that page are post-2010, only a few are correct. The rest are either outdated or just plain wrong.


PS2 - The page (and Wikipedia, too, apparently) claims Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 was the last PS2 game released in North America (as is true for Europe). I've never found evidence that the game was sold in North America at all. It has no ESRB rating, either. Its EA counterpart FIFA 14 has an ESRB rating, but that seems to have been for the game's release in South America; like PES 2014, neither FIFA 14 nor FIFA 13 released for PS2 in North America. The last North American PS2 release is actually Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, in late 2012.


Wii - The page claims a 2015 release as North America's last Wii game and a 2014 release as Europe's last. In reality, both regions got Just Dance 2017 for the Wii in late 2016. Maybe there will be another Just Dance for the Wii this year, too?


DSiWare - The page's data for DSiWare is out of date. What I wrote in my previous post about DSiWare in North America and Japan seems to be correct. As for Europe, I've found that The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde was the last European DSiWare release, in October 2015. Incidentally, it looks like every 2015 DSiWare release in all regions was a former physical release (the G.G Series mini-games I mentioned in my previous post were in a collection). The North American January 2016 game, Crazy Train, was different, a download-only title; maybe some of the 2014 DSiWare releases were, too, but I'm not inclined to check.


PSP - There's a lot wrong/out of date for the PSP on that page. The last retail release for North America, as it was for Europe, should be Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 in late 2013, not summer 2013's Sweet Fuse. I recall Amazon.com selling NA PSP PES 2014 (and I don't mean a Marketplace seller, which is all that's left selling it now). According to the page, the last retail PSP release in Japan was in 2013, too . . . which completely ignores the PSP's healthy Japanese release schedule throughout 2014 and the first 4 months of 2015. Japan would go on to have a handful more UMD releases in late 2015 and early 2016. Maybe that website doesn't want to count visual novels as games? That's how the PSP's software run ended in Japan (same as the PS2, until that FFXI expansion in 2013). The last physical PSP release in North America, Gaijinworks' direct-sold localization of Summon Night 5, shipped to buyers earlier in the same month as the last Japanese retail PSP release, Kamigami no Asobi InFinite, April 2016. The last PSP download release so far is Retro City Rampage DX in July 2016, NA and EU (this game, by the way, is the only 4-way cross-buy: PS4/PS3/PSV/PSP as a single purchase). I say "so far" because Gaijinworks still plans on releasing their finished localization of Class of Heroes 3, after they complete their current project. In Japan, the last PSP download release was in March 2016, Meiji Tokyo Renka: Twilight Kiss, which had had its UMD release nearly a year earlier (curiously, few of the final UMD releases had a corresponding download version). If you want to get picky and only count PSP platform-exclusive download games that aren't localizations or formerly physical releases, there's a bizarre-looking game released in the EU PS Store in December 2015, AvengeXX.


Damn, this post turned out to be much longer than intended.



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