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Arcade/MAME High Score Club 2017 Mappy

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You are a mouse in a house of burglar-cats intent on recovering their stolen loot. You get from floor to floor by jumping on trampolines. Various doors are your only defense against the cats.

Game Information
Game Name: Mappy (US)
Released By: Namco, 1983
MAME ROMset: mappy
Dip Switches: Difficult: Rank A; Lives: 3; Bonus Life: 20K 70K

Deadline to post scores is April 10th 2017 at 12PM EST

Link to manual


Any corrections please post

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I'm not the new MAME HSC Mod, this is just a one off round to pass some time until we have one. :)



Maybe that's the best solution. The only drawback would be the ability to update the high score threads. But we could all take turns sharing the responsibility and selecting our favorite games to play. I like it. :thumbsup:


Either way, Mappy is cool. I hope to find some time to play this round.

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