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So I couldn't sleep last night because the pain in my knee was hurting overtime. Doubled with the fact that under my leg hurt as well, but not as much (something that happens when I try for 45 minutes to go to sleep and fail.) So I began to doodle on the Atari 2600 about my knee. I tried to draw a knee. It kept going weird and not working, so I went back to bed and fell asleep after an hour or so of failing programming. I woke up this morning and the pain was still here. Only one more day until the doctor's office. I thought it hurt less at first, but nope, it hurt the same amount as yesterday. I went back to programming that sketch of my knee. I worked on it for about an hour longer, and finally got a picture of my knee. I don't know if this will turn into a game or not, probably not since I can't figure out a premise for the game. "My Knee Hurts" would be the likely title if I decide to turn this into anything. Perhaps giant germs are attacking the knee, making it hurt nonstop. Well, anyway, my knee still hurts and here is a picture of it, 2600 style.

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