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Dead Atari Jr. :(


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I was recently given an Atari 2600 Jr. which I was really excited to play. Sadly, it turn out that it's dead as a doornail.


When I plug in the power adapter and switch it on, there's no light and nothing shows up on the TV.


I should also mention that a few pieces of plastic were loose inside the case. Looks almost like a plastic tab or peg broke off somewhere.


My guess is the power adapter is good and something's messed up in the console itself. Does anyone have any pointers on how to fix these machines?


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I am sure there are many posts here pointing out possible faults and thing to check of you were to do a search.


That said, I would not guess that the power supply is good, you either need to test it on something else or measure its output with a DMM/DVM. Then if that appears to be ok (will read about 12-14v DC off load) switch the unit on and check the input and output voltages of the 7805 voltage regulator (should read about 9V DC and 5V DC respectively) - no input voltage trace voltage through from power connector (bad joint or power switch) - no or low output voltage (remove output leg from PCB, if output voltage still low replace 7805).

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