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Interest check: Turbografx boxed and complete games


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After much contemplating, I am considering selling off most of my US Turbografx Hucard games. All of them are boxed and complete with sleeves, original jewel cases, and instructions. This is probably more geared towards collectors because I would only sell for close to market value. I have every US released game but probably going to keep the Bonks games and Bomberman, probably a few others just because. I think most everyone at this point knows the rarity and value of some of these games. With that being said, I am just going to ignore any PM's trying to get something for next to nothing because we happen to be on the same forum together. PM if interested in anything. I have not really priced out individual stuff or double checked condition of boxes or instructions but can in the next few days and would price accordingly. No clue why pic won't upload in correct orientation.



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