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Howard Scott Warshaw Interview

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Finally put up my recent HSW radio interview in video form for my Youtube channel. Please check it out!! :)





Had tons of fun speaking to him about early home computers! Can't wait for my next interview with Nolan Bushnell as well.

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Great interview! As a fellow reporter, may I suggest not using the sound effects of the game during the interview, as it drowns out the interview.


I had the pleasure of interviewing HSW myself back in December of 2015. He is a great guy and IMHO a pioneer in the infancy of video games...



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nice interview, you got a lovely radio voice....(wow, that's very early...sweet)



Thank you! :)


Anyways the extra sounds weren't on the original broadcast available here...




I appreciate some positive feedback,but honestly this thread only concerns my interview,it's not to promote anybody else's,so please stay on topic with that, thanks!

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On a sidenote,here's my recent b-day wish from HSW himself! :D :D :D






He's been greeting me wishes for the last 3 years actually. It blows my mind the person who created some of my most favorite games is also my friend.


Anyways please checkout my interview if y'all haven't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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