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Last Sony console I bought was an SCH-1001. I put an s-video jack on it, and a mod chip so that I could import Gran Turismo 2 and a new dual analog controller from Japan. Moved on to Dreamcast, XBox, XBox 360. Finally got a new system yesterday - a PS4 Pro, and PSVR.


Girlfriend and I are absolutely loving it. I was born with lazy eye, and have never had depth perception. Yesterday was the first time in 41 years I ever saw anything with depth, and had something come towards my face and actually see it coming towards me.


I'm looking forward to new Gran Turismo, the HD re-release of the original Crash Bandicoot Trilogy, and Jeff Minter's new Polybius. What do you guys consider the "must haves"?

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There are so many games on PS4 now, it's hard to recommend without knowing what types of games you enjoy


If you like hardcore hack and slash RPGs: Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, Ni-Oh, Salt and Sanctuary

Open World Action RPGs: Horizon Zero Dawn, Witcher 3

First Person Shooters: Doom, The Wolfenstein games, Overwatch, etc.

Interactive stories/movies: Until Dawn, Life Is Strange, Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain, anything from Tell-tale games or Double Fine

Action adventure (non open world) Uncharted 4, Last of Us

Indie games: Don't Starve, Night in the Woods, Binding of Issac, Minecraft, No Man's Sky (divisive, I know)


That just scratches the surface really

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