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trying to identify a st game

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hi everybody


As a kid (late 80s) I had an atari 1040 stf, and my first games were from a game pack with 4 or 5 games. One of these games was called elf. I was trying to look it up online, but the game called elf i found is not the same as the one i remember.


The one i played was a platformer where the hero had some sort of bouncing balls for weapons, with a parabolic trajectory, as opposed to the straight trajectory of the elf i found online. The hero looked vaguely elvish (think link from zelda 2 with a bigger head and no sword). Also it was super hard (true most of the games were hard in this era and, well, it was my first game so don't judge ;) )


The games were bought in France, which might explain why the name has been changed. I also remember that the pack contained "the man from the council" , and probably some sport or racing games I never played, never liked those.


Can you help me out?


edit: I found the pack here


The box and the floppy disks are exactly how i remember them, but i still can't find the game. I have seen a youtube video of an amiga elf, but it looks nothing like the one i remember.

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