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It could be because it had been almost a week. But my knee is a little better. Last night I was wondering what I could do. Then I remembered my Grandma used Vicks for a cure-all. I looked on the jar. Sure enough, it said a use was for stiff and sore muscles. And it doesn't have to be the Actual Vicks. Mine was Kroeger branded. So I rubbed some on. Woke up the next morning and while there's still pain, it's not the sharp stabbing pain, now it's more of a dull pain when I try to move it. Which, while good, I'm still sick of it hurting at all. And I don't know why it had to take a week for it to begin healing. Tomorrow I am going to a store that specializes in selling Legos. My goal is to get inspired to make another movie with them. Before all this Lego Movie madness started, a few years ago in 2015 I made a movie about Robin Hood using them. Yes, the epic tale of Robin Hood takes almost 50 minutes to tell. And it's a good thing because I think it was shortly after I burned it to a DVD, my computer broke. But anyway, back to the knee pain. Another thing I tried was to eat a banana. The doctors told my sister to eat them because she had leg pains during her pregnancy. I think that helped as well. But I'm weird when it comes to bananas. I have to peel it, then lay it on a plate and chop it up into pieces and eat it with a fork. Why? I don't know, but I feel it makes the banana taste a lot better. So anyway, I think I'm (finally) on the road to recovery about my knee.

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