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2 Atari Lynx systems for sale


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I have two Lynx 2 systems for sale.


Neither are in perfect working order.



1st one



Good motherboard, assumed possibly bad flex circuit. I assume that since when the unit is

fully assembled the down or left buttons do not work. At first it was just down... then down

worked and left wouldn't... after taking it apart, reseating / checking a third time... now down

and left do not work. Screen works. Headphone ground is jumped to battery minus. Battery

holder is desoldered from the power pads on the board but is included if you wanted to put

it back on. I did this so I could power the lynx directly with 5V from a USB wall charger.


2nd one


Dead motherboard. Can't comment on status of flex cable. Screen worked in the lynx above.

Screen covering is scratched. Rubber grips and battery cover is missing.



So basically, for sure, your getting one good motherboard and two working screens. Two housings

that can be used for "parts". The dead lynx board, at least, should have a working cartridge slot and

other parts that can be used as a donor board for other components I'm sure. Maybe up to two working

flex cables... maybe I'm just not putting it back together right or maybe they are faulty. I'm not sure.



I paid $50 plus shipping for these, and since I wasn't able (maybe just my lack of experience with

these things) to get one running perfectly I'd just like to offload them. I'd like to get the $50 plus

shipping for these items.




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