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Atari Flashback Portable Screen Quality


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It may be just something to do with my vision (I wear glasses normally), but I noticed that the blacks on my Flashback are not really black. The blacks appear to be "silvery" and very shiny. Its quite uncomfortable to play. If I close one eye it improves, but the overall experience of using this portable is that the screen sucks. Perhaps a hardware expert could chime in if this is a known issue with cheap displays or users with bad vision or what.

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I would also like to add that I have a cheap Chinese NES clone portable, and I get similar "shiny" blacks. I have another SNES portable and it is much better, so I am not sure what to make of it. My phone (Blu Vivo Android) looks great as well as a iPhone 6.

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It's a cheap screen. You pulled the protective film off, right?



+1 for Flojo on the screen cover.

It doesn't look like there is one and it's a bitch to get started but removing the screen protector will make a difference.


Sent from my non beer holding hand.



Yep it took a week or 2 to figure out that is had a screen protector on it. It doesn't have the "usual" pull here tab (marked or unmarked) and it is really hard to get it to start peeling. At least mine was.

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Got mine. It's hard to tell if it's the same as the portable Genesis screen, but I do notice a little more weirdness with the Flashback portable screen. Almost like the viewing angle is so small that only one eye can ever have proper blacks - the other eye sees a washed out screen. It seems more distracting than the portable Genesis screen, although they both have pretty poor viewing angles.


I thought the portable Genesis screen was good when I got it, though. But the Atari Flashback portable screen does seem a little more annoying. It might just be the type of graphics typical for the system, though, which often had black backgrounds.

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Let me amend my last post because it's *obviously* a different screen than the Genesis portable - it's noticeably smaller! It's really easy to see when both units are side by side. So, not necessarily a worse screen, but definitely a different one, which opens up the possibility that it's also different in such a way that affects viewing angles.

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