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I currently live 40 miles south of Toledo and about 100 Miles north of Columbus. Fort Wayne is about 80 miles away. Detroit is about 95 but I work in the Toledo area.


As a kid (Early to mid 1980s), with my Atari 800 and later my 800XL, I remember hearing and possibly attending a meeting with my late father of an Atari Group down in the Columbus,Ohio Area. (Dad was into Atari too :)

I also remember more local Atari Video Computer World up in Toledo and later in the Findlay area.


Anyways, after doing a search for ACEC I came up with a website that mentions the ACEC group and meetings they have but it had not been updated in about 6-7 months.


I am curious what Groups are around my neck of the woods?..In 2000 (I believe it was 2000) I attended the CCAG up near Cleveland but after that I put away the Atari (wife, 5 kids, and two Computer Science Degrees later) and I am now looking for events and Groups I could get involved. (Damn sounds like a Personals Ad..LOL)


Thanks for the help,


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