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So the answer to the problem of Insecticide for the Virtual Boy laid deep inside my computer. Like an explorer in uncharted territory, I delved deep in some files I never knew existed. But apparently adding a little bit of code to a file called crt0.s did the trick. I put the code in and turned the Virtual Boy on. My game came up. I turned it off in the middle of something. I turned it back on right after. What had normally caused the game to go berserk had quit doing whatever it was doing. It had reset the variables it needed to reset in order to stop the problem it was having. So now I need to test the second test cart when it comes next week and make sure everything is okay with it. I always feel anxious when it comes to okaying games, it always feels like there might be some glitch or bug would pop up even though I had been testing it. So anyway, that's what I was doing for a few hours. Chatting via PVB forums about trying to fix the stupid problem it kept having. I finally got around to fixing it. It takes a few days for me to do stuff sometimes. Or, in the case of cleaning my room, never.

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