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Can one times ein kleins program in asm write for the atari2600?

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readme.txt in that zip file explains how to use dasm to compile the code. Basically use:

dasm collect.asm -f3 -v0 -scollect.sym -lcollect.lst -ocollect.bin

or at a minimum use this so you don't have to rename a.out (the default name for the generated program) to something else.
dasm collect.asm -f3 -ocollect.bin

Full contents of that readme.txt file:

Collect is a simple Atari 2600 game where the objective is
to collect randomly positioned boxes.
Use dasm to compile the program.  Dasm can be found here:
The command used to compile is:
dasm collect.asm -f3 -v0 -scollect.sym -lcollect.lst -ocollect.bin
the options after the source file are:
    -f3 sets output format to 3, RAW.
    -v0 sets verboseness.  Values are 0-4, see dasm documentation.
    -s requests a symbol dump, saved to specified file.  Stella uses the symbol
dump in order to show your variable names in Stella’s debugger.  The
*.sym filename must match the *.bin filename for this to work.
    -l requests a detailed listing, saved to specified file.
    -o specifies the output file.  If not specified, the output file will be a.out
Besides the source file, only option -f3 is required to build a Atari 2600 program.
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