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That's it. I give up. I am done trying to make games only to have them not work. It's not fair. As it turns out the problem I had with Insecticide came back. I am just so sick of failing every time I try to do something. So that's it. I'm done coding. I'll still make games that don't involve any programming whatsoever though. Those are Odyssey 1 and ActionMax games. Those are the types of games I like to do because I cannot fail at them. It's just not fair. Life isn't fair, thus I hate life. And that stupid Jaguar game isn't working either. And apparently I offended them so they won't help me any more, so I give up on that as well. Perhaps my quality of life will improve because I won't be so angry all the time because something I tried failed. I know I said this before, but I kept coming back to them only to find I get angry at something that logically shouldn't fail but does anyway because computers hate me.

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