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HSC14 Round 6 Poll

Classics or the unknown!  

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  1. 1. Checkout post below for links and details

    • Donkey Kong Jr
    • Buck Rogers
    • Gyruss
    • Mountain King
    • The Random World of carlsson (see post below)

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Round 5 Poll

If you've not done so already, feel free to add some games to the play list thread; they will appear at some point in the season. Checkout Atarimania for more info on the games. If you need any help getting things to work, post here or send me a message :)


Donkey Kong Jr


Tricky platformer due to the block movement but still a great game. Original or how about we checkout the Arcade or Enhanced versions - may be updates here on atariage :ponder:


Buck Rogers


Classic space skiing blaster

Fandal XEX




Despite the odd "feature" this classic shooter is immensely playable :thumbsup:

Fandal XEX


Mountain King


Scrolling platformer - this is one game that I can never figure out properly! Lots of info on atarimania :)

Fandal XEX

The Random World of carlsson


[Carlsson] Posted Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:04 PM

I did something unusual. I utilized a random number generator to first select 5 different letters, then based on how many entries there are on each letter on Atarimania, I randomized which game in order to pick. I added two rules: if the entry I ended up with is missing, looks like a non-game, an adventure or strategy game without scoring I picked the closest action game next to it, either above or below. I also ran it across the HSC ratings to minimize the chance either game has been played before.


These were my five random picks, which I haven't even downloaded to try myself so far so they may be entirely crap or unplayable for a HSC perspective:

Fortune Hunter

Joe a Ptaci

Let's Hop

Oh! Frankie!


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