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Fan made games, which ones would be great on arcade cab?

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I'm building an arcade cab using PC hardware and Launchbox. I'm looking for content besides just roms and interested in fan made games such as OpenBOR titles. To be accurate, completed fan made works.


Can anyone recommend ones that would work out great for an arcade cab? So far I have River City Ransom Underground, Castlevania Bloodletting and Ghouls N Ghosts return.

I know there are tons of OpenBOR titles and probably others but not sure which ones are complete and would work with joystick and buttons, preferably games that I can map out the buttons for. For example I don't really want to have 20 different Final Fight fan made titles if only a couple are really good, I'd prefer to just limit them to the best versions if you know of any.


Thanks for your time.

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