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UnoCart (a new multi-cart) - orders/pre-orders thread

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Hi All,


The UnoCart is my latest multi-cart design for the Atari XL & XE. Its basically the little-brother of the Ultimate Cart (using a cheap microcontroller) and you can read about its development here.

The UnoCart cartridge uses a micro SD card for storage, so you can reprogram it simply by copying new files onto the SD card from your PC/Mac.


Like the Ultimate Cart, the UnoCart can emulate a wide range of cartridges and it also launches XEX files. However it is limited to 128k cartridge and XEX files, rather than the 1024k limit of the Ultimate cart. Most importantly, this means it does not emulate 8mbit Atarimax cartridges - so you still need an Ultimate Cart for that.

However, it does have a couple of other features not present in the Ultimate Cart:
- Fast search of all directories on the SD card, including partial matches (so you can search for "dig" and it will find "Mr Dig.XEX" and "Dig Dug.ROM").
- Limited support for ATR files (including the 16Meg ATR game compilations) with read and write support.


There is also a review video from ndary below showing some of the features:


Note there are a couple of inaccuracies in the video- it uses micro SD cards (not micro sims) and it does NOT actually support AtariMax 8mbit ROMs.

You can read about the full set of features in the PDF manual available on the project website.


The shell is a cheap 3d printed design which is mainly intended to keep the PCB safe and allow it to be inserted in an XL. It is not a proper Atari cartridge shell.

The firmware is open source, and was written by myself and flashjazzcat, and we are planning to make a few cartridges available for sale.

If you'd like an UnoCart, please reply to this thread (please don't ask for more than 2 cartridges).
The price is £40 cased or £35 uncased + £3 P&P.

There will be 14 cartridges available initially.

I've got 5 ready to post out, so the first 5 will be dispatched immediately.
Flashjazzcat is going to make a further 9, but these won't be ready for 2-3 weeks.

For those that miss out, or prefer to DIY, there will be a construction article in Excel magazine issue #4, involving only a small amount of through-hole soldering and a readily available development board. Reserve your copy of the magazine here.


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I think we're at 13 now, so that's 1 left.


I'll be sending PM's out to the first five members shortly, since I've got the cartridges ready to go in the post.


Flashjazzcat will be handling the following ones so you can expect a PM from him with the details of when these ones will be ready.


If you missed out, remember the DIY article in excel magazine issue #4. It might also be worth posting here, in case any of the earlier takers drop out.



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