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Odyssey 2 / Videopac G7000 RGB board for sale


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6/7/2021 - In Stock and ready to ship


  • Brand new Odyssey 2 console in box. - $400

          -Comes in clear plastic protective box


  • Odyssey 2/G7000 RGB mod board - $50
  • SD-80LS - DIN 8 - panel mount, for O2 RGB - $10
  • O2 RGB Euro SCART cable - $50  - DIN-8 male on one side, Euro SCART RGB male on the other
  • RGB mod board, DIN 8, and RGB cable = $110


USA shipping for mod kit and cable = $20

Canada shipping for mod kit and cable = $30



DIN - 8 pin female / panel mount SD-80LS (Digikey).  <--I use DIN 8 connector as its what the Videopac consoles use.  This part number for for a panel mount DIN 8 that fits nice on O2/G7000 console.


SWI15-12-N-P5  <-replacement O2 power supply - order from Digikey


EDAC 307-030-520-208 <--O2 cartridge connector, uses 4-40 screws - order from Mouser


B82144F2123K000 <-- L3 replacement for O2 - order from Digikey
How to add RGB to Videopac+ / G7400

Male SCART connector (console5.com)



Install directions

Mod install difficulty is 5 out of 10.


1) Open O2

2) Remove RF adapter and cable as this will no longer be used. - Assumes you want RGB only.

3) You can place RGB adapter in the old RF area, see photo below.


4) You would separate 9 wires on the INPUT ribbon cable.  Trim them back 1/4 inch and tin them with solder.  Then add solder to 612160 IC pins on the O2.  Then trim tinned wires to about 1/8 inch and solder the ribbon cable to the pins below.


5) Drill 18mm hole in lower right area (facing back of console) with step drill bit, see photo below.  DIN-8 goes here.


6) You would separate 6 wires on the OUTPUT ribbon cable.  Trim them back 1/4 inch and tin them with solder.  These are soldered to the DIN-8 connector, see photo for what color ribbon cable goes to what pin the DIN-8.  Trim the tinned wires to about 1/8 inch and solder to DIN-8.


7) Put O2 back together and connect to RGB upscaler or RGB TV that has Euro SCART connector on it.




Inputs to RGB PCB 2x5 / 10 pin IDC header


Best to use IC1/612160 for the inputs, except for audio.


IDC Pin 1 / VCC +5v / 612160 Pin 1

IDC Pin 2 / Composite Sync - 612160 pin 8 or P8244 pin 5

IDC Pin 3 / Blank - 612160 pin 9

IDC Pin 4 / Red - 612160 pin 10 or P8244 pin 18

IDC Pin 5 / Luma - 612160 pin 11 - Labeled VID on rev 2 and LUM on rev 2a pcb

IDC Pin 6 / Blue - 612160 pin 12 or P8244 pin 20

IDC Pin 7 / Green - 612160 pin 13 or P8244 pin 19
IDC Pin 8 / Audio - P8244 pin 27

IDC Pin 9 / GND / 612160 Pin 15 or 16

IDC Pin 10 / GND - Normally not connected (SPARE)


Outputs from RGB PCB towards DIN 8 connector.  I now match the ribbon cable colors.  So you can use the drawing of the SD-80LS for soldering guide.

IDC Pin 1 = RED
IDC pin 2 = GRN / Green
IDC Pin 3 = BLU / Blue
IDC Pin 4 = SC / Composite Sync
IDC Pin 5 = AUD / Audio
IDC Pin 6 = SR / Status RGB - not used for XRGB
IDC Pin 7 = NC - no connection
IDC Pin 8 = NC - no connection
IDC Pin 9 = GND
IDC Pin 10 = GND - Normally not connected (SPARE)

















IMG_5295 (1).jpg








G7000 install photos here:





Q. When playing O2 games using RGB I notice small flashing dots on screen in different spots based on the game being played.

K.C. Krazy Chase = small red flashing dots in the lower / center part of TV screen.
UFO and K.C. Munchkin = small red flashing dots at the top of the screen
Mage the Final Journey = small red flashing dots at the left of the screen

Any ideas of the cause?



Yes, this is caused by changing the background color mid-screen. With a normal RF connection the dots are too small to notice, but with an RGB connection they are clearly visible. What happens is that when data is loaded into VDC register A3, the write pulse occurs too soon, before the data is available on the data bus. At that moment the databus still contains the address (A3), so that is used as background color briefly before the actual data (color) is written to register A3.


More info at this URL:




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Hey Grips! 


I would like to MOD my N60 with an RGB kit, and would like to check with you if this challenge is feasible. 


Inside the N60, there is a C52 board (see attached photo), which in principle can also be RGB modded (see: http://blog.eihis.com/2012/12/14/videopac-c-52-the-scart-way-rgb-peritel-mod/


So I wonder if: (1) is your kit compatible with the C52 board? (2) can you think of anything else that would prevent me from modding my N60? 


Thanks in advance! 



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O2 console has (2) db9 joystick ports added to the front, Atari 2600 pinout.  Cartridge connector is slightly out of position, but cartridges fit in perfect as the O2's cartridge opening more than accounts for this. Also tested with Voice Module and that fits and works great too.  Voice module not included.  Has one replacement rubber foot, see photo.






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