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Need Atmel AVR Chips Restored After Bad Fuse Settings?


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Over the years, I had accumulated about 75 AVR chips that I had bricked due to bad fuse settings. (yes, I am a slow learner)
I recently built a Fuse Bit Doctor to restore them and it worked great. http://mdiy.pl/atmega-fusebit-doctor-hvpp/?lang=en
This is the one I actually built, which has built-in support for AtTiny and TQFP32 328s. Additionally, I built a target board for TQFP32 ATMega32U2 and AT90USB162 chips, because that is what I use. https://www.tindie.com/products/bobricius/bare-pcb-avr-fuse-bit-doctor-hvpp-hvsp-fix-repair/
In the first link you can read about all the chips supported and the conditions that the Fuse Bit Doctor will fix.
I figured I'm not the only Atarian to have bricked a few AVRs and that I'd offer a free service to those of you in the US. Basically, if you have bricked chips that are directly supported by the board, send me as many as you have and I'll mail them back to you the next day if I am not super busy or within a week or two if you catch me at a bad time. If they can be sent in an envelope with a stamp or two, no charge for return shipping.
BUT - please message me first to let me know what you have. If you have one or two $3 AVRs that aren't directly supported by the board, that probably isn't worth my time (though again, happy to do it for one or fifty that I can plug in directly). If you have a number of expensive chips that need to be setup on a breadboard, I may be willing to help, just message me first so I can look into what is required.

While I am at it, if you are not setup to program AVR chips but wish to update firmware for an Atari related device, etc, message me. I may be able to help. Unfortunately, at this time, I can't help with original Atari chips, etc.
Hope this turns out to be useful to some of you.
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