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So I learned apparently that the GBDK I'm using allowing C is only capable of making 32k games. Which I guess is OK for the Oranges game, but I guess I can't make a really big and good adventure game using only C. I also learned the limit of an "int", what I'm using for the score: 32,767. So I decided that in the unlikely occasion that a player would reach 32,767, I will program an ending for the game. So I guess the object of Oranges would be to get to 32,766 and then the Orange-O-Matic will break and I'll put in a THE END message. Kind of like how the object of Pac-Man (unbeknownst to the programmers) is to get a perfect game. But in Oranges's case, something special will happen if you actually do that. Also, I guess having a 32k limit does not necessarily allow for poor games. Super Mario Land is only 32k, for example. And so is Tetris. Plus, I doubt I could even break the 32k limit if I tried. The game would have to be thousands of lines long. It took me about 8 years to get 3,000 lines' worth of code for Insecticide. But who knows. "Oranges" is right now 700 lines of code. But I doubt the end result will be 3,000 lines, though. And even if it was, I bet I still wouldn't break a 32k barrier. Another thing is I would really like to have the game get a limited release, but I don't know anyone capable of mass reproducing Game Boy games. (By "mass" I mean about 25 or 50.) Last night I put the Game Boy Everdrive in the Super Game Boy. The point-getting sound wasn't all scratchy like it is on a real Game Boy, which is odd. Another thing was that the default color for the game was an orange palette. The orange on the title screen was actually colored orange. And I didn't even have to change the palette. How odd. I also learned that the bottom plug-in of my plug-in strip wasn't working for my SNES. Which is also strange because it was working earlier.

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