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SpiceWare's Blog - missile engine back in play


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Both missiles are being used to draw all the objects. You can move one of them around with the joystick. Position within the world will be shown using the score as well as in the radar.




Like the sprites, I had to add an extra scanline of delay after the reposition occurred else the top scanline of the missile would disappear when it was positioned on the left edge of the screen.

For the sprites the routines would try to draw using player0 first, then player1. For the missiles the routines will alternate and try missile0 then missile1 on even frames, and missile1 then missile0 on odd frames. Since we can't color this missiles, this will tend to give the missiles a "flickering energy" appearance which helps them stand out from the other objects.


Test build Stella 5.0.0-pre6 has been released, so you can now run this (and the Bus Stuffing Demos) in Stella.



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