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Our dog had to go to the vet today. Her ear swelled up. They drained it and put a bandage on it and they had to put a cone around her neck. If it doesn't heal like it's supposed to, surgery would be required to fix her ear. She wants to desperately get the bandage off. We tried to ease her by trying to take the cone off, but she started rubbing the bandage on the floor and shaking her head worse than before. So we put the cone back on. See, this is why I told mom not to get a dog. They require care. Something I don't want to do. That's why I have a low-maintenance pet myself: Rocky the rock. He lives in his cage on my desk and he never once tried to escape. Also, I don't have to feed him or take him to the vet. We also have a cat. The cat was scared of the dog at first because she had a cone around her neck. The dog can't stop shaking her head and it's something she isn't supposed to do.

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