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My 5200 only plays in black and white, WHY?


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I just got my first 5200 system ( 2 port)up and running, i recently got a used system from a lot. I only had to replace the video cable and have it attached to the back of the tv thru co-ox with a female to male connector. It plays but it is all black and white? Its a color tv, i been thru all the menus on it, theres no black and white choice. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how do i fix it? Thanks in advance!!!!!

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The color adjustment circuit most likely has developed high resistance in the potentiometer.. Try adjusting it.


If you open it up and look at the PCB, there are 2 potentiometer wheels near the right front of the machine. The smaller one is the controller calibration. Dont mess with that one. The larger one is the GTIA color phase adjuster.. Turn that one and see what happens... Sometimes, just turning it will be enough to clean the oxidization off the carbon disc inside it and then you can adjust it back in to the correct color tint.. Electrical contact cleaner spray can also be used..

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I had this problem with a 2-port I was testing today, but it resolved itself after letting the game run in B&W for a few minutes. Actually, it started out worse (rolling diagonal bars with no indication that the game even booted) but the games worked after leaving it on for a couple minutes. A couple more minutes and they were in color. Power-cycling it showed B&W for a few seconds. Power cycling again showed it for a fraction of a second, and power cycling again was instant color. It's been several hours and I even discharged it (pressed power after unplugging) but it still boots instantly in color. Guess it just needed a warm up!



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