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Official "Rebooteroids High Score Patch" Contest !


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VEZ 150090 Gradually getting there. :) I love it when you get a game where you get so many close calls, swerving to avoid an asteroid only to have to slam on the brakes before smashing into another asteroid. Hyperspace is my friend in this game, very rarely does it dump me in a situation worse than the one I just escaped.

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What timezone is the highscore table set to? Just got 264900 VEZ and it shows up as on the first of May :( It's 23:43 on the 30th of April here in the UK as I type this.


Still, it's been good fun taking part in the challenge. Many thanks for doing this.


Well this is unexpected!

We are going off of the Official Rebooteroids High Score Page for the times and scores.

Looks like VEZ owns Third place as well so top three are:






Did everyone post their score here?

Yeap, everyone at least posted one score with their names so we know who they are.

Please send me a PM with your mailing address and I will get these out to ya!

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