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Flashrom 99 or Crashrom 99


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Might it be possible ,that the using of the Flashrm 99 kills european TI-99/4a,after half n our of use ?

If this is so ,its an expensive way to do..

Have anyone out the the same probs with overheating ???

Tested with 2 running Ti s..for me as a programmer its a horrible thinkin,

to sell something without test,or is it a Testrom 99/ CRASHROM ??-- ( very angry )

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anytime my Flashrom has crashed it was one of two things:


1 (most common): it was my nanoPEB that had to be reseated (so if you use a sidecar memory, check that. Bet that your problem is a sidecar memory one not a cartridge one)

2. The cartridge itself was not inserted effectively (the TI cartridge port is not the most reliable - especially if it is heavily used (lots of swapping carts). Ofcourse this is a good reason to HAVE a FR99.


(or FGR99 - I say with great antici...






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