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Atari 2600, NES Multicart, other stuff.


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Selling off some items. Cross posted on the Atariage facebook group. All have been tested except the NES Multicart.


My eBay seller id is dobidy.


Reasonable offers on anything.

Shipping on a single cart in a bubble envelope $8. Parcel $10 to 16. Canada post is not the reasonable choice to ship these days, yet cheaper than Fedex.

Trading for red label Atari carts including homebrews and repros in that style.


76 in 1 Tsang-Hai supervision Nintendo $50 Untested as I do not own and NES to test.



Nintendo DS paddle controller by Taito for Arkanoid.. $60



Spectrum 128 Escape from Singe's Castle. $10


Zellers Dragon Treasure boxed no instructions. Top box tear. $20


Apollo Pompeii proto reproduction $35 Fitted into an Apollo shell.




2600 $4 games

MASH,Keystone Kapers Blue label,
Demon Attack Blue label,
River Raid blue label, Human Cannonball,
Super Football, Space Invaders text,
Galaxian, Frogs and Flies.


More 2600
Snoopy and the Red Baron $20


Roc n Rope $8


Stampede $5


Space Cavern lot $12

dark caverns

Star Trek. $12

20170304 152725

Ghostbusters $20

20170304 152856

Alien $18

20170304 152731



Food fight $4
Ms Pacman $4
Pole position ll $4




CIB 2600
Chopper Command $12

gallery 29420 1143 142623

Berzerk $12

gallery 29420 1143 820514


Pressure Cooker $20 ACTIPLAQUE!

gallery 29420 1143 1530436

Atlantis $15



Riddle of the Sphinx $12

gallery 29420 1143 1369004



Mr do $10
Baseball $4
Donkey Kong $4




Vic 20
Frogger $5 Label poor SOLD


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