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Would like information on these multi-carts. Includes pictures.

Rom Collector

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Hi everyone, are these Brazilian multi-carts?
I tested 2 of the 3. The middle silver one didn't want to fit, and didn't want to force it and mess up my Atari.
They seemed to be PAL, not NTSC? However, Donkey Kong on one, and Boxing and Basketball on the other played fine. The other games ether didn't work at all, or the picture would roll. Whats the deal?
Also, does anyone know who did the artwork?

Any information is appreciated.




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Rom Hunter, thank you for the information.

That cart won't fit in my 4 switch woody, I could try it on my Jr. Unfortunately, I don't have a horizontal hold control on the TV, IF it will even work.

How come Donkey Kong, Boxing, and Basketball worked perfectly with no roll? Do some PAL games work normally on NTSC?

The TV is being used right now, gimme a few hours, and I'll try it.

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