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Best Emulators for each Atari Console?


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I need help finding the best emulators that will work for nearly every game in each emulated console? A comprehensive list would be ideal. Maybe its already listed somewhere, and I didnt look hard enough.


If there is one emulator that can emulate multiple atari systems would be Ideal.


The Jaguar is the one Atari console that I have had the hardest time finding a good emulator for.


Any help is appreciated!

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I *cannot* figure out how to get MAME to do consoles. How the heck does it work? I have the system ROM and everything.


I tried to get it to do the 5200 and it just keeps saying a file's missing.


I like Altirra; that worked no problem for me.

It's a mystery to me. I have tried and failed multiple times.



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mame Atari 5200:

requires file 5200.rom in container "5200"


mame Atari 7800:

requires file 7800.u7 in container "a7800"


mame Atari Jaguar:

requires flies jagboot.rom, jagwave.rom in container "jaguar"


The container can be a .zip, .7z, or folder and placed in the mame "Roms" subfolder. You should find them in those rom sharing sites (eg. search "mame 5200"). Once it starts press the tab key to bring a menu where you can load a cartridge file. If you use Windows and MameUI64 it tells you exactly what files are missing and you can load a cartridge file through the UI. Mame Atari 2600 doesn't need any system files.


Mame works well for joystick games. For other controllers might be best to use Stella and Altirra.

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Well that adds a lot to the conversation. ;-)


You might want to try a front end like LaunchBox.


I was commenting more to follow the subject. - But in the same breath Mame for arcade works fine for me but I have never been able to get any consoles integrated with it.


I have tried LaunchBox and the Stella and ProSystem Cores don't run correctly for me. Way to Fast or Too Slow or glitchy. I would love to have an all in one solution, but I have resigned my self to running separate emulators

which is probably the best way to do it and get the most accurate emulation but I love the idea of an AIO.


Here I go again not adding anything to help. Just my sob story. ;)

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MAME does it all. Trackball/mouse emulation might be iffy; for that I use Altirra for 5200.



If using windows mameui64 has a nice interface. http://mameui.info/


Mame does almost every console, but it does most poorly compared to other emulators. It's my emulator of last resort


However, it is one of the best choices for 7800, and one of the few choices for Jaguar.


I recommend not trying to find an all-in-one emulator and using the best of breed for each system. I use a unified front end that can handle multiple emulators.

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Does MAME work for the Atari Jaguar or did i need to use another emulator?

Would MAME Work for Mac?


It does do Jaguar. And it can run some games decently well, but not all of them. No single emulator does all Jaguar games right. I found a combination of Mame + Virtual Jaguar works, because each runs games they other doesn't, but even that won't run everything, I don't think.

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