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Buying A Jaguar In PAL Region


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I was very very luck, I have been keeping my eye out for a Jaguar at a reasonable price for a long time,

im in the UK, and I finally found one on gumtree this weekend, which I got for £70,

Its immaculate, the box and packing is a bit tatty but everything was stored in what looks like the original plastic,

apparently the seller found it in the back of her loft.

My point, be patient and check other sites apart from ebay, my only problem now is finding realistic priced games...... oh well



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Prices on eBay are getting a bit silly. I've seen up to £150 for a boxed one. You can get them reasonably if you're patient though. I was incredibly lucky with mine and snagged a boxed one for £30, but I accept that is stupidly cheap in the current market. T2K I got for £19 as a bare cart on eBay. It's all you need really ;)

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