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Every game is exactly the same for me: 1. Play game. 2. Realize game is impossible. 3. Die. 4. Get angry. I, wanting to actually be able to beat a game, have been making games for one reason: The ones companies make are too hard. Impossible hard. Take Yoshi's Cookie for example. This game is hard as a stale cookie. It gets so fast you die. What's the point of playing it if it gets so fast you can't control the cookies? See, that's the point. Every game is too hard. And if they're not hard at the beginning, it soon gets too hard. So that's why I make video games. I don't try to make them hard. I don't try to make them too easy, but there's a point in every video game not made by me that it becomes impossible hard. So let's take the game I'm making for example: Oranges. The game is not stupid hard. In fact it may be too easy. Scratch that. There's no such thing as too easy. If you were to hand me a Winnie the Pooh game and say "beat this or I'll kill you" you'd have to chop my head off. Excuse me, gaming companies, if I want to take pride in saying "I beat this game." And it's not that I have poor reflexes, it's because the game gets too hard. It's always the game's fault and not mine. Because I am perfect. So the reason I am making Oranges is because I want to be able to beat a game. So how does one go about beating Oranges? Well, I'm going to program an ending to it. How do you get the ending? Score 10,000 points. And I want people to actually be able to and not give up in anger like I do all the time. Sure it will take a while to do, but at least it should be possible. And if you enjoy playing Oranges, that's great, but the ultimate goal here is making a game that I would enjoy playing and not get mad at. I'm just sharing my progress for two reasons: 1. I thought it would be interesting and 2. Keep people like me posted on its progress. I got so mad at Yoshi's Cookie I threw it down in force on the bathroom tile. And you shouldn't even GET angry at a game that's called "Yoshi's Cookie."

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