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New Intellivision homebrew - Princess Lydie


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Hello everyone,

Here's a demo ROM of the game I'm working on: "Princess Lydie". (I promised a long time ago I'd make a 2nd game). It is somewhat inspired by Mario Bros (not Super).


Gameplay: Stomp or kick enemies, then kick them off-screen. Jump-up kick is very effective when timed correctly. Enemies stop for a short while after falling, some will recover quickly (especially the blue one). Snakes turn randomly afterwards, other enemies turn towards player.


Controls: left/right (up/down when holding control sideways). Any button to jump. When falling, press button to drop kick. Falling off-screen warps to the top - both player and enemies.

Notes: I can't test on real hardware. It is designed to be PAL-compatible, only "easy mode" is available (everything is a bit slower). In NTSC, that mode has some flickering on enemies.


Scoring is not implemented yet (no extra lives, which makes the game difficult). No in-game reset. Sometimes you'll just stand on an enemy: either jump, or, don't move.





- Marco


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I think a couple Inty Basic collaboration carts would be the the best way to release some of these games to the general populace.


I loved Inty Basic 1 , I will most likely love Inty Basic 2, And when needed Inty Basic 3 should happen! :)


A lot of games I am seeing made are not worthy of a complete in box release on there own.


ROM yes, cartridge maybe, but hold the great games that deserve it to the boxed release.


I love the effort from everyone, great stuff! :thumbsup:

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Everyone, thanks for the feedback! icon_smile.gif I am proud of the NES look. It required planning and was tricky to get right, each enemy is a sprite + one or two background cards. Please feel free to comment about gameplay.


JoeM, I also used to play Mario Bros on the C64. It was a great port, great for 2-player battles. I also considered borrowing elements from the SMS game Teddy Boy, which is somewhat like Bubble Bobble + New Zealand Story. I prefer my games to include new ideas.


Wolfy62, I agree that the IntyBasic collection cart is a great way to showcase games. I have no idea why Space Versus wasn't considered, I was not aware about the cart until its release.

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With these games its most important to get the jumping animation and control just right; more important than the graphics. Are you using double resolution 8x16 sprites?



Maybe its just me, but I think all games should have an option to turn off in-game music.

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