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Lynx HSC 2016-2017 Round 8 California Games - BMX


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The last round of this Lynx high score club season is California Games - BMX event!


Settings - Default
BMX Event

Deadline to post scores is May 1st 2017 at 12PM EST

Current high score club record is -

BillyHW (985)

Bust it for 1 bonus point!

Bonus -

Play any game that you missed that was played this Lynx high score club season.
5 points per game!


Crystal Mines II +5 points
Checkered Flag +5 points

Final high scores -

BadPricey 496 +11 points +3 points
roadrunner 218 +10 points

Current season point standings -

Peyo 96 points
Craftiful 56 points
roadrunner 56 points
BadPricey 49 points

darthkur 37 points
jeremiahjt 28 points

jblenkle 26 points
oyamafamily 2 points

Link to manual -


Any corrections please post

Edited by roadrunner
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