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Great Demos for TT030 & Mega ST // STacy

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I am bringing some equipment to a local computer show for display and I just have not had the time to get my disks all in a row. I need some suggestions and sources for some good demos/games that I can download and throw on the the machine that will show it off and be easy for folks to play.


I am also looking for some advice on the best machine to allow people to put their hands on. I am pretty much wanting to rule out the STacy as I am still making sure it is 100%, but I have a TT (16mb TT/4mb ST) TOS 3.06 and a Mega 4 ST (TOS 1.04). I was thinking I would have the Mega boot into Spectre GCR mode for kicks and see what people do with that, but am open to suggestions.




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Well, it depends on what you might want to show? I would let the TT run the Beams demo and the Mega ST some of the better ST games since you don't have an ST for that. I am not sure that showing applications would be of much interest. Lethal xcess should make an interesting game to show off the capabilities of the ST.

I guess you could also install something like Vanilla Mint on the TT and show off some modern Atari development but like I said, I don't see such shows as people having some interest in anything other than old games.

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