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Well, it didn't have a very long run, but it ended: The game store I went to on South Commercial is now closed for good. I went into the parking lot and I was expecting it to be open, but no. I was greeted with paper signs on the wall saying its last day was March 25, and an empty store. Now there's only one gaming store on S. Commercial: Game Crazy. So I went in there. It was still open. But man everything is overpriced. I was greeted with the sight of an Atari 2600 with a dozen or so games and 2 keyboard controllers for $129.99. Yeah, sure people. That ought to sell quickly. Morons. Since the endings in the blog entry is plural, I have another ending to tell you about. I just programmed in ending detection for the Oranges game for Game Boy. Right now all it says is a message, but I plan to write a happy ending song and stick it in there. I also decided to bring back Frank the Fruit Fly. Not in the RPG I was planning, but put him in a Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle-type situation. Only he can fly around the rooms instead of it being a platformer, kind of like Kirby, only stuck in rooms. I guess I should be awake all day so I could have known its last day was March 25. I also got the Cellary Celery games in the mail so I'm all ready to mail them out. If you're on the list, you got a PM. If not, you'll have to wait for a second run. I was not anticipating so many people to be interested in the game. So I was working on Frank the Fruit Fly, trying to simplify the title screen since the first attempt was so convoluted. I was angry at it for not showing Frank, until I realized there was no SHOW_SPRITES function. So I put that in and it worked. For the Oranges ending, I'm wondering if 10,000 points is too much and I should lower it to 1,000 or perhaps 5,000. I can do any number 30,000 or below. But 30,000 is way too much. So anyway, it's sad that game store closed, but they still have another Salem location (for now), but it's way out on Lancaster. I mean, farther out than I usually go to the Game Crazy Lancaster location. But I doubt any of you reading this know the setup of Salem, Oregon, so I'll stop babbling.

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