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Star Raiders type games?


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Hi everyone!


I have been getting the itch to play Star Raiders again on the 2600. I remembered there were at least 3 games of similar play style. They were Starmaster by Activision, Phaser Patrol by Starpath, and of course Star Raiders by Atari. Well, today I was going through my collection of manuals and saw Solaris. I heard of the game but never played it before and thus had no clue of the gameplay. After reading the manual I'm guessing its another Star Raiders type game, one that I was not aware of.


So, my questions are....


1. Are there any other Star Raider type games for the 2600 other than the 4 I listed above?


2. Which game is considered the best/most advanced game in the genre?





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Thanks everyone for the info. I was a little saddened when I realized Solaris does not have the first person combat like Star Raiders. I assumed it did until I checked out the game a short while ago. I like the amount of info and features the game brought to the table, but the non-first person combat strikes the game from my list of Star Raiders like games.


Thanks to some of the information above, I see that Space Spartans for the Intellivision seems to be a Star Raiders type game. I never realized that and will definitely take a look at that game on my Ultimate Intellivision Flashback. :)


Thanks again for all the help.


PS: Been watching Star Trek: The Original Series again on Netflix recently. Watching the show got me thinking of the old EGA Trek and Super Star Trek from back in the day and I got the itch to play, then I realized Star Raiders is more fun because of the action-based gameplay. That is what started my recent interest in Star Raiders type games. LOL


Oh and I enjoyed Star Trek: Strategic Operations as well, but it was more of an arcade game to me so I never really linked it to the Star Raiders genre in my mind. Still a fun game and one I played the hell out of on my Atari and eventually my Colecovision back in the day.

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