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JagNES [Fest] - Polish Jaguar and NES party !


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Hi friends!


For your information, we organize a Jaguar and NES console party in Poland!
Everyone is invited! :)
more info in ... polish web page: www.jagnesfest.pl (use google translator pls)
Would someone be willing to come? :)
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Man!!! I'm too far away. I'd love to go...


I got invited to a gaming party... they told me to bring an XBOX, I told them I had an Atari Jaguar, and no one knew what it was... so I had to explain, and then they said... ok, just bring a drink, we'll supply the games. :(

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Hadn't heard about this until now. Considering I'm one country over, it wouldn't be impossible, with plenty of time to plan the trip. Unfortunately, that date isn't very far away.

Idea came - fast realization, organization etc :) and we have Jaguar party :)
next year ;)
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Great idea. Looking forward to hear more about it.

I will tell more at JagFest -- we wil !!


Haha there seems to be a lot of parts in this video that don't have to do with the jaguar. You guys are going swimming in a lake, what? :)

Played non stop for 4 days :) but there were breaks. When we played we did not record this ;)


Cool pics looks like it was a fun event. Nice to see multiple people enjoying jaguar in the same place, compare this to me, a recluse playing jaguar by myself in a darkened room because none of my buddies are into it ;)

I invite you to us for a year! Some Jaguars have been in bags (We did not connect them), too many computers were there - next year I am banned from bringing computers


What's the diving stuff about? Have you tried to drown a Checkered Flag cartridge or something?

hahaha, I was planning to sink some Amiga CD32 but it was not


Looks Great :), i like the Diving Pics...... is it superfly dx in analog Style ;)


I Hope you doing it next Year again

We practiced dry first then water jumped ;)
Next year you will be? We will talk to the JagFest 2017 !! :)
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