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jaguar games, 5200 things, vfd led games


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everything is working fine except the 5200 switch box which is an unkown unfortunately

Okay up first is a macintosh IIci, works pretty well, disk drive doesnt read disk every time, but does after a retry or 2, hdd is 120MB and still working, 20 mb ram, cache card

includes keyboard and adb cable 100+shipping sold


jag games

avp manual + 2 overlays 50+shipping

doom with manual+overlay 40 + shipping

tempest 2k with manual 35+shipping

brutal sports football 15+shipping

or take the pack of 4 for 110 shipped


5200 4 port switch box and psu+ console manual 20 + shipping

controller extension cable 15+shipping


atari a8 line

sio to parallel, 10 + shipping, I think it might work, I don't know



vfd and lcd games 40+shipping

tandy sports arena
mattel football 2 (had to repair battery terminal)
sears football no battery cover
ti little professor battery cover tab is broken

see them here



wii nunchucks 3 available 10+ shipping each

offers welcome












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new prices all plus shipping

lcd vfd lot 30

avp 45

doom 35

tempest 30

bs football 10

5200 extension 10

that sio to parallel thing 5

gamecube compatible wii, includes blue wii motion plus remote, black nunchuck, ac/component cables/sensor bar 50 plus shipping (missing the control cover doors)

include zelda 1, military madness and dungeon explorer on the system memory

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