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Donkey Kong PK Auction for CPUWIZ fund


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Hi 7800 Fans,

Auction has ended with winning bid of $375!


Back when Al started the Gofundme for CPUWIZ, I had the idea of putting together a special version of Donkey Kong PK (with POKEY) cart to sell and donate the proceeds to CPUWIZ. This is what I have come up with. It is a one of a kind release so I won't be making any more of these. I didn't make any large changes but wanted to do something to make it unique. I will produce more DK PK carts in the future, but they will use the previous label/manual design.

What I've done is add graphics giving credit for CPUWIZ's contribution of the versaboard design. These have been added to the cartridge label, manual, box. I made up a logo for the Versaboard but I'm no artist so please don't make fun of it. :) Also, the game title screen was updated to include a special shout out to CPUWIZ.

I'm selling this here on Atariage as an auction. ALL the money from the sale of the cart will be donated to CPUWIZ's Gofundme campain. I'm covering the cost of the cart and shipping. Here is how this is going to work.

- If you want to bid on the cart, send me a PM with your bid.
- I will keep this post updated with the current high bid.
- The auction will end in 10 days but can be extended. Any bids made on last day will extend the auction by 24 hours. I'll continue doing this until 24 hours have passed without a bid.
- I am starting the bidding at $75. If no one outbids me, I'll buy it.

I want to thank Marc Oberhauser for designing and donating the box, and Trebor for generating the screen shots. I also want to thank CPUWIZ for sending me the board. He didn't know what I was up to. :grin:

Bids: 8
Winning bid: $375
Auction ends: April 15th 7:00PM CST


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I am definitely out. It's now double what my bid was!! How high will it go?[emoji857][emoji857][emoji857] Nice work guys!!



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The generosity of this community never ceases to amaze me. :love:

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The auction has ended with a winning bid of $375! Thanks so much to everyone for your generosity and support! I just learned that gofundme takes a big bite out of the money that's donated, so I'm going to send a check directly. I want CPUWIZ to get every penny. :) Just letting you know so you don't wonder what happened when you don't see the donation on the gofundme site.


I also want to acknowledge Trebor for his help and Marc for updating and donating the box. Thanks again guys!

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