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Atari CX53 Trak-Ball Serial number list


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I found a Trak-Ball that is serial number 00249, so I figured it'd be interesting to see what kind of serial numbers are out there. I asked the 5200 facebook group and a bunch of people there gave me the numbers off of their Trak-Balls.


Please feel free to post your serial number and any interesting information, like Country of Manufacture and the EP codes. Or, any other code prefixes.


Here's the list.



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1) Serial Number 026749 EP-413. Made in Mexico. I thought EP represented El Paso, Texas? The optocouplers are put on differently on this version. They're slid on, rather than clipped on.


2) Serial Number 00630 EP-193. Made in USA. The 3 prong clipped on optocouplers on this one.



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