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Super Pro Hockey

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I tried it last night, the speed increase is amazing! It is actually playable.


I only tried it on the laptop, will need to put it on CC3 or LTO and give it a real try when I get a chance.


I have only played a few minutes of NHL and Super Pro Slap Shot over the years. They were just so slow and the change of direction was awful,

But this gives me hope that Hockey is viable on my favorite console! It was the sport games that hooked me when I was 10.


Thanks David. I was happy to take $10 flier on this and it seems like it will be a winner, as usual.


Still pushing for SP Auto Racing :)

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I think Eric should decide if its released CIB. ;-)


Rev, please do not try to start up anything. I am looking for honest feedback to how the game is playing. I wish this thread would not go off topic. I am sure it will though. I constantly get reminded why I avoid this forum. Thanks.for the reminder.


ZillaRush, please just PM me directly with your test results.

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Thanks for your help getting me set up today David. (I'm brutal at setting up emulators) This game is simply fantastic. The overall pace of the game is light years ahead of its predecessors. Being able to pick the length of period is a great addition. In my opinion this is the best updated sports game to date! And I've enjoyed them all, but hockey is king! :)

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Definitely interested in the rom and would love a board release! Hockey is my favorite sport and I liked regular NHL Hockey a LOT as a kid. I turned that into a 1 player game by trying to score 20 goals per period playing by myself. The goalie A1 was pretty good so it was a nice challenge as 20 goals in a period is not always a given by any means. It's not that I hated Slap Shot completely, it's just that I was 14 when I got that one and I had hoped for more but I did like the bigger ice surface, 1 - player mode & the ability to change players.


David if you want my honest feedback, the colors on Slap Shot were putrid & I like the colors so much more on your updated version that I would pickup cart release just for that, let alone the other enhancements you made like increased speed, variable period length, proper faceoffs, etc... I'm a die-hard Hockey Fan for over 35 years and would absolutely love this on a game board if possible and if not then a ROM. Sorry I never contacted you to order the ROM or express interest sooner - real life has been hectic for me recently.


Keep up the great work my friend!


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I saw that it was up but was away from my computer on the weekend and by monday it was gone already...hopefully this comes out again, rom or on a board.


lifelong hockey fan, my Leafs are finally back in the playoffs though probably not for long, sorry about your Islanders Joe but better them than us.

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I'm one of the few who were able to purchase this while it was available. To put it simply......it's awesome! Way faster, better colours, face offs after penalties, improved computer AI, if you take a penalty it is tough to kill off without getting scored on, the option of picking period length is a godsend. Too me, 5 min periods play out perfect.

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