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So big haul today. And I didn't even have to go out to get it. Although I did go out earlier to mail the Cellar-y Celery games. I got three Game Boy Games. And a DVD. The DVD is the one I ordered about Queen Elizabeth. It's from 1912. Box says extras are two short subjects from 1912. A short movie called "Cousins of Sherlocko", followed by an Edison film about Jack and the Beanstalk. Had no idea Edison was making movies as late as 1912. So I was working on stitching together two long songs from shorter tracks, making two hour-long songs from shorter pieces. The jerks who made the CDs split the tracks. Like for example, Chris Butler's "Devil Glitch" is not an hour and 8 minutes long, rather 16 short tracks. And Pat Metheny's "The Way Up" is split up into 4 tracks and is about the same length as Devil Glitch. And the people who made Devil Glitch had to add a tiny 0.1 second-long pause at the beginning of the tracks. So I deleted them so it should be seamed into one long song like it should be. So it's been a busy day so far.

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