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SC3 / Arcade party @ Arcade 2084 on 4-22-17


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SC3 is returning to Anaheim on Saturday, April 22, at 2084 Arcade, a private facility jam-packed with '80s arcade classics in Anaheim. The hours are 4 p.m. to midnight. If you attended any of our previous 2084 events, you know what to expect. The owners of 2084 are four Southern California coin-op collectors who combined their collections under one roof to recreate the games list of an early 80's arcade. Now they have nearly 100 classic machines, including a few pinballs, at a facility in Anaheim. 2084 has been hosting arcade get-togethers every few weeks for quite some time now, and on April 22, SC3 will be there with our complement of home consoles, game trading and other goodies.
2084's a big enough place, but it's firmly packed with coin-ops. There's some space for home consoles but we have to go a little lighter than at other venues. Food will not be provided at this event, but there's a huge restaurant complex within walking distance. Trading is essential to the spirit of SC3 so we'll have plenty of space for it. The owners of 2084 are friends of ours and they're always improving the facility. We can't wait!
Event Schedule
The April 22nd party opens at 4 p.m. and lasts until 12 midnight. Home consoles will be stationed on the second floor of 2084 (just head up the stairs near the entryway) and the game trading area will be found in the parking lot directly outside.
Please note that food will not be provided at this event. There are many restaurants in the area, including many selections in the popular Packing District within walking distance.

Attention, Traders!
Arcade 2084 has more room for trading than our backyard events in Claremont. So unlike the backyard, traders at 2084 do not have to reserve tables in advance. Still, space is not unlimited and lots of traders will want to use the tables. We suggest a limit of one table per trader/carload. Please share the tables and don't monopolize several of them for yourself. If you need extra space you may bring your own table(s), but be aware if the lot fills up you may not be able to use them. Sun canopies are always welcome if you can bring one.
All traders are encouraged to read our Tips for Traders.
Entrance Fee
Arcade 2084 requests a $10 fee for anyone who uses the arcade, to cover electric bills and maintenance costs. Thank you for your understanding.
RSVP Today!

If you want to attend, you must fill out this RSVP form. If your registration is accepted, you will be informed via email. Simple! Remember, it's important that you RSVP ahead of time – this location can accommodate a big crowd, but we still need an accurate headcount.
Please keep an eye on this site and SC3's Facebook page for more announcements. We hope to see you April 22!
Recap of SC3's Last Meeting

It's hard to believe that it has been ten years since the first SC3 backyard arcade party. It's obvious that in the decade since that original gathering, SC3 has become something more than just a handful of game collectors getting together to swap carts. It's an event now, something that lots of people look forward to for months on end. It's an excuse to meet with friends who love gaming as much as you do. That spirit really came through at the last gathering! This was one of the best events we've had in a long time, and we greatly thank everybody who pitched in to help! Read all about it in our Nov. 12 event recap.
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