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Got a new question - RF cable


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Can someone tell me why this is happening?


I have brand new gold plated AV cables. Lots of them. I have tried multiple cables from these sets on my Intellivision. My Intellivision, however, still sends interference to the TV. Nothing major but it's noticeable. I found a cable from an Atari 2600 I tore down last year... and it takes all the interference out of the signal.


I'm no electronics wizard but I really don't get this. Thanks. :)

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Actually RCA on one end and F-type connector on the other to the TV. Either way you'd need one adapter. I mentioned rg6 because its a common TV cable; thought you might already have one. I really dont know the specifics of the cable; I just know the signals are very different.

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So I should buy something like this for the system?


I never realized the cable builds were different. I just saw an RCA to RCA connector. Thanks you. icon_smile.gif

Yes, or any shielded cable for sub woofers or digital "coax" are 75ohm.

If your at a thrift store, any single rca cable that's at least 3/8 Dia., should be fine. (like monster cables).


Something like this:



Would work great, the older rca connector style works better with more jacks. Meaning the the one you linked is to thick to fit in some recessed rca jacks on some consoles, plus they fit REALLY tight (you can almost twist a jack out of the back of a unit).

If your replacing a cable that connects to a jack inside (like an atari 2600), you need to trim the tip or change the jack to a taller one - like:



Ether way, getting a good RF cable will make your life much easier.

But, you might also find you have a jack going bad too!icon_ponder.gif


+1 on the rca to f type(coax) adapter - the old switch boxes are more trouble than there worth.

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