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Can I Remove the Cable from a Playstation 2, Dualshock 2 controller?


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Does anybody know how to remove the cable wires from the PCB, and what type of ferrules are used?


I am trying to repair a broken, modified DualShock 2 cable. Copper is exposed, very close to the exit from the controller.


I work for a rehabilitation engineering company; a long time ago we modified a load of PS2 controllers for use with electric wheelchairs.


The wires in the cable are terminated using crimps that fit inside a small block on the PCB.


I can see two ways to fix this:
1) Cut the cable just before and after the broken outer sheath, and reattach each wire by splicing
2) Remove the crimps, cut the wire off just after the broken outer sheath, crimp the wires, then put these in the block


I would really rather do (2), because (1) means adding heatshrink, which means adding rigidity, and is a point of mechanical weakness.


I could probably unlock the ferrules using a knife or a screwdriver, but I want to avoid all risks and would prefer to use a crimp removal tool. My colleagues think the ferrules are soldered into the board, but I'm not sure since this would mean adding a 90 degree bend inside the block.


I would be very grateful if anybody could either tell me where I can find this info out?


Attached is a picture of the ferrules in the block.


Thanks in Advance


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I happen to have a Dualshock 2 cable I removed here at work. The crimps are 90 degree in that a pin drops down at right angles to the wire entry, when the crimps are pushed into the white plastic housing it is the drop down pin that is soldered into the PCB.

I did manage to remove the end crimp by inserting a fine jewellers screwdriver in from the side to raise the locking clamp seen on the top of the housing, while the locking clamp is raised you can simply pull the wire to get it & the crimp out.


I do not know what the connector is, if I have measured it correctly has a 2mm pitch, on the top is written JAM at one end and -H9 at the other, I presume JAM is either the manufactures or connector series name and as it is 9 way I presume -H9 means Horizontal 9 way.


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