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looking for a UltraSatan device to purchase

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CE is a nice device. I will say there's a couple bugs here and there with the HDD, some high level stuff, more than likely won't affect you, and not a ton of software for features like the Networking capability, but I will say the ability to share a PC folder on the ST is invaluable, and the creator Jookie is over on atari-forums.com regularly.

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I am using this thread, because no point in starting a new one.


If you have a Cosmos ex or Micro Cosmos, I would like to hear from you.


I have a Micro Cosmos, I opened it up last night and the MicSD slot on the Cosmos board (not the Pi) is not working.. I cannot get a card into it.


This slot is for the ST formated HD I am to understand.. I either need to fix it.. or replace the slot.


Anyone who has one.. know what type? or part number etc.. I need to fit the board?



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